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Strange Email from TeamViewer!

I've recevied a strange email from TeamViewer today.  They claim I violatead the EULA.  There is a link to a form that I need to file out to validate that I haven't violated the EULA.

When I dig a bit I've discovered that the web site I'm taken to  just get there SSL Cert last week and it expires next week.  All the email headers seem valid.  Also, the sales phone number in the email doesn't match the phone sales phone number on the web site.

Is there someone at TeamViewer that I can contact to confirm that they actually sent the email?  Where can I send the email for TeamViewer to investigate?



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  • adamsr
    adamsr Posts: 1

    I got one of these emails too... but it doesn't make any sense since I haven't used TeamViewer in months.  So, either TeamViewer is sending these out randomly to get sales... or someone is accessing my TeamViewer without my knowlege.

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