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Still problems connecting to teamviewer server

I can reach the masterservers on all three ports (80, 443, 5938), but I cannot connect to any of our PCs.
I get an errorcode of 10054 in the log.
Any suggestions?

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  • icplus
    icplus Posts: 1

    The same problem.

  • JoSte
    JoSte Posts: 3

    look at

    the ip is listed in Blacklist

  • JKTH
    JKTH Posts: 2

    I'm on Team Viewer 9.
    I haven't been able to connect to the server for nearly 24 hours now.  It comes up with the 'Most likely you use a proxy server' message. It was running fine yesterday afternoon and I've used it every day for years now. Same computer, same setup, same connection. No changes at my end.  What's going on?  Did you bungle the maintenance you did on Sunday?

  • JoSte
    JoSte Posts: 3

    Is this the Problem ?

    DNSBL checking the result of IP

    rDNS found:

    • <> valid FCrDNS.

    This IP has been blocked, but it's reputation is not bad anymore.

  • JoSte
    JoSte Posts: 3

    I have a Tracert from different places.
    All stop at address
    Please contact ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH in Austria for routing problems

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Posts: 106 Staff

    @JoSte wrote:

    look at

    the ip is listed in Blacklist

    Hi @JoSte,

    Thanks for pointing that out - but no, that's definitely not related to the connection issues being discussed here. DNSBLs are used by some mail servers as a means to block spam from disreputable sources, and being listed on one - in this case, a small, not-widely-used BL based in Brazil - would have no effect on the ability of the TeamViewer software to connect to our master servers.

    TeamViewer Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Dcm0009
    Dcm0009 Posts: 1

    Hey Jeremy, you may want this in another thread but i am having a similar issue. I use my computer in the field a lot and when i come back teamviewer wont reconnect. I have internet and other computers on the network using team viewer. it come up with the no connection check proxy server box every 30 seconds. can you help me get connected please. Thanks 

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