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Recording a Teamviewer meeting with audio stream of softphone conference call

I wanted to record a teamviewer meeting with the audio strem of the parallel running conference call on the same PC with an installed softphone,

While using a headset at the PC it is impossible as confimed by the Teamviewer support.

But I managed to get this working by using:

  • for the conference call the microphone of the laptop and the audio output of the laptop (with external speakers)
  • for the teamviewer meeting the mircophone of an additional USB webcam connected to the same laptop.
  • a quite room with no background noise.

All audio information of the conference call was send into the room and simultaniously recorded by the separate microphone by the teamviewer meeting.

This is not possible in larger offices, and maybe not with a perfect voice quality, but in my case it was a good solution with a good voice quality.



  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,346 Community Manager

    Hi AHeidemann,

    Thank you for sharing your workaround!

    I think this is a helpful information to a lot of TeamViewer users.

    Thanks, Esther

    Community Manager
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