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Missing function call in TeamViewer 14.0.13880 - Windows XP

Windows XP users are facing issues with Team Viewer 14.0.13880. With the new version, "TeamViewer.exe" looks for "SHCreateItemFromParsingName" in "SHELL32.dll", but that function doesn't exist in Windows XP as it has been introduced in Windows Vista.

SHSTDAPI SHCreateItemFromParsingName(
PCWSTR pszPath,
IBindCtx *pbc,
REFIID riid,
void **ppv

SHCreateItemFromParsingName is a function that creates and initializes a Shell item object from a parsing name. Its parameters are "pszPath", which is a pointer to a display name, "pbc" which is optional and it's a pointer to a bind context used to pass parameters as inputs and outputs to the parsing function, and "riid" which is a reference to the IID of the interface to retrieve through "ppv" which contains the interface pointer requested.


You should try to implement the same thing using a different call in order to maintain XP compatibility.

Thank you in advance.

Broadcast Engineer

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  • For gods sake, this is one call. One **bleep**ing call. If TeamViewer were opensource, I guess we had fixed this allready. Guys, that's far away from what I had expected from professional programmers. Just fix this asap or I'm gonna switch, and also tell all my friends to switch to **Third Party Product** for good.

  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Teamviewer - FranceBB is right.  You are just lazy, and you have misinformed many XP users about TV 14.

    Why don't you just fix the dll?  It's maybe four lines, and you have the code from your prior versions.

    Hey FranceBB - do you recognize me from MSFN?

  • FranceBB
    FranceBB Posts: 6

    Of course I recognise you. :)

    I had to post it here on their support forum 'cause I was hoping that perhaps they were going to listen to me and fix the issue. You know, sometimes it's possible to release a product and not notice bugs and other things, or perhaps not knowing what caused the issue and so on, but once a lot of people start complaining about it, it becomes crystal clear that something is wrong and they should fix it. Instead of being yet another person complaining saying that "it's not working", I tried to give them a detailed explanation of the issue, even though I can't tell them exactly what is causing the issue as it's closed source. Anyway, it seems that they are ignoring me and I know for sure that they have been reading this ticket 'cause Peter (from Neverseen) actually wrote harsh words of disappointment and they modified it, so I'm 100% sure that they have been reading this ticket, but they didn't even bother to reply.

    Team viewer developers: if you are reading this, I just beg you to reply with something, please. I understand that you are a company and that you have to make business, but stating in your official website that Team Viewer 14 officially supports Windows XP and its derivatives when it has a clear missing call only damages your reputation. C'mon, I've been using Team Viewer for years and years on a daily basis (you can check it from the logs of my account), I'm a loyal customer, I think I deserve at least an answer. Please.

    Broadcast Engineer
  • glnz
    glnz Posts: 44

    Jean k - you wrote above, "The fix for the problem you are referring to would imply a major restructuration of the core software itself to make it work."

    Really?  How?

    You already have the core software for version 13, which works on XP.  It's already there and re-usable.  So what's the "major" problem?

  • Chico
    Chico Posts: 4
    thank you for pointing out that you aren't willing to fix the XP issue. HOWEVER, since the writing of your post, Teamviewer is force upgrading everyone to version 14 currently (i am now limited to a 5 minute connection time on each of the many XP systems i still need to administer). What does teamviewer propose as a solution? Must i go to your competition? Will you allow teamviewer V12 (reported in this thread as still fucntional in XP), an exemption from the V14 forced upgrade? almost 20% of worlds PC's still run windows XP. That's a lot of systems, surely teamviewer is not abandoning or stranding them, are they?