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Automatic lock after 5 mins

OK, the one BIG problem with teamviewer is that if you log in remotely to a PC or server,  and you dont disable the local input,  then the person actually in front of that pc or server has full access with your credentials. Thats not the issue though.  Our network policy is that all devices will screenlock after 5mins of inactivity. This does not happen when a teamviewer session is connected,  it will keep the session unlocked and the local user has full access.

The solution would be to use the teamviewer policy 'Timing out after inactive session' and set this to 5mins. At the moment, it can only be set to 30mins as the shortest inactive period.  Given that teamviewer sessions keep the PC or server from 'being inactive and this locking the desktop locally' can we please have an option to set the 'Timing out after inactive session' to something more sensible like 5 mins or have a custom time options?  30minutes is way too long and potential conflicts with security policies such as ISO27001 .

I have asked for this already, but there's no progress. Coming up for our annual license renewal,  and I will certainly be asked about this potential security hole, before we renew.

Come on teamviewer, its surely isnt difficult?


  • Sorry but that just points to earlier posts that complain of the same issue.

    This is potentially a huge security issue and flaw for teamviewer.

    As this is a security flaw and potentially could leave a local PC with the local user having access with Admin rights to the pc or server, then surely this needs addressing as  a matter of urgency. We need to renew our license shortly, and this secuirty issue has been raised as a major concern for our network.

    Can this please be resolved, the fix is really easy, just ad a 5 min timeout to the options. Surely the developers just need to amend a line of code?


  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    @GlynDavies wrote:

    Sorry but that just points to earlier posts that complain of the same issue.
    This is potentially a huge security issue and flaw for teamviewer. 

    I'm pointing you to earlier posts as you are posting in TeamViewer12 GROUP where you should ask for solving problems, or start general discussion.
    This is not place for submiting BUG or FeatureRequest.
    But of course it is good place to talk about all what you think is important.

    So I agree that this is huge security issue but not BUG, so the only option is to Make a FeatureRequest - what I have done earlier (how you was able to confirm).

    So my pointing you to my post have to show relation/reference between your correct statements/comments and my FeatureRequest.

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • fair comment re   feature request being a better location,  I think I suggested it there some time ago.

    Can you remind me where that section is please :), I cant see it anywhere.

  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    On this forum it is called IDEAS


    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
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