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"Please update the remote TeamViewer" Notice

I have 2 Samsung S3Mini Android (OS 4.1.2) phones that I use as home automation controllers.  They are running TeamViewer's "Host for Samsung" app.  I remotely access these using TeamViewer from 1 of 2 PCs (using TV Version 14.2.8352, free) or from my normal Android mobile phone (using TV for Remote Control app Version 14.2.180, free).

When I access an S3Mini from either PC (but not from my mobile phone) I get a notification that the TV on the remote device needs updating but the  "Learn how" button leads to instructions on how to update another PC remotely, not "Host" on the Android.  If I check "Host" on the S3Mini it is already the latest version.

Should I be worried? 


  • StephenD
    StephenD Posts: 6

    Is anyone else using Host for Samsung seeing this message?

  • StephenD
    StephenD Posts: 6

    To answer my own question, "Yes - I should be worried". As of the last week or so I can no longer access/control either of my 2 Samsung S3Mini Android (OS 4.1.2) phones that I use as home automation controllers.

    It would appear that TV's "Host for Samsung" no longer works and there is no TV "Host" that will work on Android 4.1.2. so my home automation systems, one of which is 2000 miles away, have suddenly become defunct.

  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,708 Moderator

    Hello @StephenD,

    Thank you for your message.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Here are the compatibility relations of TeamViewer regarding Android:

    You will find all the information you need regarding compatibility in our Knowledge Base article here: Which operating systems are supported?

    I know this couldn't fix your issue, but I hope this information was at least useful to get a better understanding of the issue here.



    French Community Moderator
  • StephenD
    StephenD Posts: 6


    You are correct - it does not help me fix my issue.

    In addition, the ongoing "Commercial use detected" messages along with very limited connection times (when it was connecting) made it impossible for me to find an alternative solution before you cut me off completely.   I have filled in numerous private use declarations over the past few months with no response and TV now seems to be ignoring the written and signed declaration I made last year.

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