TeamViewer not working after updating on Raspberry Pi

I have 3 Raspberry Pi's. I have TeamViewer installed on each. Nearly every time  in the past couple of months (at least) after I do a sudo apt-get update or upgrade in Terminal, TeamViewer seems to "reset" itself, asking me to grant access on my TeamViewer account, but fails to when I try. I am forced to remove TeamViewer and reinstall. It then apparently recognizes the device and magically works again. I just need to turn on remote access and re-enter my password.

Any idea how to fix this issue? Something I can do on my end? Or this an issue on TeamViewer's end?

This issue is REALLY irritating me.

Thankfully I have a "backup" solution I can use to connect remotely to my RPi's when needed.

(I would have chosen the "Linux" board, but the Linux version doesn't work on the RPi, at least in my experience.)



  • w8lig
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    I have the same problem on Raspberry Pi2. If you install it fresh it works. You can attach to your account and it works fine. However, reboot the Pi and it stops working. Doesn't recognize it's already attached to an account. Says it's not working. I get the same message window you posted.

    Larry Bryan


  • AVAC
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    I have the same problem (Raspberry Pi3).

    If you have a keyboard connected it works but if it reboots without the keyboard I get the same message window that you posted.