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Is it possible to record time spent on a ticket or to integrate time from TV sessions lauched via service camp?



  • I will like to know the same. It makes no since that it´s not default.
  • Yervand_PM
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    Unfortunatley time tracking is not available at this moment in Servicecamp. We are also eager to have this functionality in Serviecamp  and plan to have it implemented at some point.

    Taking the opportunity could you please describe on how you think this feature should look like in order to met your needs and  what is use case for which you need time tracking.



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  • Time tracking is needed to bill the expenses. In most ticket systems you can add minutes and hours to each answer or directly to the ticket. It would also be nice to use an API to get all closed tickets and the time summary and put it to our invoice system.

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    Thanks for the explanation of your use case. We will take it into account when start to work on this feature.

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  • PeterH_Nam
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    Hi Yervand,

    Firstly, thanks for providing feedback.. many developers just don't. Great App so far!!

    We are currently using Zendesk, which has a Timecamp Chrome Plugin which allows us to track the time spent on a ticket

    We also use Basecamp which has a Chrome plugin integration to Everhour where we track the time spent on Projects. It is a tedious procedure as we do most of our support on TeamViewer.

    It would be awesome if we could get it all in one app (Servicecamp). I would love to replace Zendesk and track time with Servicecamp and an API / Plugin (preferably Everhour ) which allows us to track time on the specific tickets.

  • HI,

    Yes time tracking would be excellent, this would be needed however for user level also as you may have more than one agent working on a single ticket.

    For instance I work in a software company so you could have a ticket which may start as a support ticket but may then go to 1st/2nd/3rd line for investigation then this may need to be moved to either a consultant or developer. In this isntance a better process would be needed than a single ticket but time tracking for all involved would be beneficial.

    Also time tracking is all well and good but having a mechanism to view or extract these is going to be just as critical. So maybe there should be some soft of static KPIs in the settings based on queue level which could highlight.



  • Joz
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    Time tracking and generating time reports is absolutely essentials for my work, too.
    A ticket system without such funktionality makes no sense to me.

  • I was using Spiceworks which allows time to be added to tickets for billing puposes. Need this functionality big time. 

  • PeterTse
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    That would be a needed feature but in the meantime I created a custom field that I manually specify the total time spent on the ticket. That does the job somehow but I need to bill these tickets and I have no way of doing that easily.

    So I created another field to keep inside there that exacly info: Billed: Yes / No / N/A. But now I have no way to filter the tickets based on my custom field. We need to be able to filter the tickets based on the CUSTOM FIELDS!!! 



    My problem is 

  • dejans
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    I think that you should allow to connect session report with tickets, that would be beautiful! It mean that from tickets we can connect to any of client company computers, and that sessions, time that we spend, and session description goes all on some ticket report. Now I can only connect to client computer, but sometime I need access to clients server to be able to resolve ticket, so I need that option too. 

  • Yervand,

    Is there any update on a time tracking being added to Servicecamp?

    I do like the ticketing system quite a bit, but time tracking and running reports against the time spent on a ticket is a corner stone of any good ticketing system.

    I'm hoping to see this get implimented in the near future.

    Any information is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    For me , the Time Tracking is also one of the most important functions.

    Just a field in the Notice or email reply form where i can report time on the ticket. 

    And then when i close the ticket that i can see the sum of the consumed time. 

    You write that its on your "roadmap" to add a Time Tracking function. But when its comming? in 1 month? in 6 month or in 1 year?

  • PeterTse
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    HI Yervand,

    The time tracking should have options to

    1. Track minutes and hours (of course manually). This field should allow optionally to be displayed to the user who created the ticket side for client review purposes.

    2. Every time spent to any session of a ticket, we should be able to record it to a field at the session level, in order to track the time spent at that session.

    3. Another field at the ticket level should be available to summarize all the time spent on all the sessions. That should be automatically calculated based on the total time accumulated in all the sessions. I would leave this field unlocked, just in case someone needs to override that

    4. Another field should be there available to keep track of additional hardware/software/etc used to the ticket that needs to be billed.

    5. We also need a field named "Ticket Billed" that required for the accounting department. The accounting needs to know which tickets to bill and currently there is no way to isolate the billed tickets from the unbilled ones!!! An accountant goes to the Bulk Operation, select to filter for the closed tickets and then filter the unbilled ones, in order to go through them and bill them!!!!!!


    Peter T.

  • @Yervand_PMwhen will the time tracking actually be released.    Ticket system seems pointless without it?

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    Same here. Saw the product today, nice and easy, but without timetracking....

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    It with be really nice has an MSp to allow client to buy support on a pay has you go basis instaed of paying a monthly fee which is sometimes to costly clients can opt to buy hours for eg 10 hours  these hours will be assigned to a group and when any user in the  group opens a support request via service Queue the hours will be reduced as a support agentworks on the ticket.

    1) cleints can purchuse support hours upfront at a fixed costs

    2)Hours are reduced form prepurhused hours are tracked and then reduced once a ticket is marked resolved.

    This with be a freta feature and with allow many MSP to sell support hours on a prepaid basis rtaher then only offer monthly plans.