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Recover a recorded session after a crash

Hi everyone,

I was recording a presentation I did for my students as I do frequently, but this time the computer crashed, so the Save popup was never shown....

Is there any temporary file from where I can recover the recording ?

Thanks ! 


  • PabloTIS
    PabloTIS Posts: 4

    I found the file on C:\Users\pablo\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewer

    it has 450Mb but TeamViewer can't read the file :smileysad:

  • yanivbenarit
    yanivbenarit Posts: 8 ✭✭

    I have the same problem.

    i dont' know why it happened at all , because the connection seemed to be fine, but saving the viedo got crashed sometimes...

    basically it's happening once a day, when i record video about 20 times. So every 20 records, one record video failed.

    hope to get any solution.

  • Houssam
    Houssam Posts: 2

    i have the same problem also;


    does any anyone know how to recover the tvs file found into temp folder ?



  • Houssam
    Houssam Posts: 2

    Do you find a solution for this file in temp ?



  • Pretty sad that this has not been solved. Crash handling should be solved problem.

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