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Does not work for games

Teamviewer does not work for game programs. I'm not expecting to play the game at high frame rates, but only to be able to log in on another machine on my lan to fix something in a game on another system on my LAN.

The display works fine. The problem is the mouse and keyboard. The mouse is uncontrollable. The camera spins and it is impossible to direct the character to move. Using WASD keys to move the character cause jerky movments.

To test this, simply use any free PC game such as Wow Starter and connect between two machines on a LAN using Teamviewer. You will see that it is impossible to control the character. Again, I am not expecting good performance, but only acceptable control of the game to change a setting or to be able to help someone who is playing and is confused.

Teamviewer works fine for all other applications that I've tried.


  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    The most likely cause of this is Teamviewer is using the same ports as your internet connection and it can be limited or affected by your ISP. You could try opening port 5938 TCP on the outgoing traffic side. This should give you a noticeable improvement.

    Good Luck!

    Mike Crabill
  • Thanks for your guess. However, My game connection is between systems on my LAN. I'm running a private server, so any WAN based Teamviewer traffic is not interfereing with the game traffic, which is going over my 1GB LAN connections.

    The behaviour of TMViewer is the same whether I'm using this LAN setup or going to a remote system - helping a friend for example. In that case, my game traffic is either local or remote, but the problem is that TV acts the same when controlling the remote game.

    I'm suggesting that folks at TMViewer need to test TMViewer with a game and find that the mouse / KB handing is not suitable for controlling games. I think the problem is that games poll mouse / KB at high speed and all other apps deal with events. I suggest that Mouse / KB polling in TMViewer does not work for games. I have no way to test this conjecture, but a look by TV developers should be instructive.

    I'm not going to open any ports to the outside world that can be attacked when I'm not looking. I know that NAT traversal, however TV does it, might be some sort of issue, but I think I have ruled that out in this case.

    I don't know, but I would hope that if the two machines are on the same LAN then Teamviewer uses a local LAN connection. I can prove whether  or not this is true and will do so when I get a chance. My router shows connections to the outside world and shows their realtime data rates, so I can tell whether TV is sending video data to a server and back to my lan when I connect locally. I would hope that this is the first sort of optimization that TV would think of.

    Have a good one.


  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure if TV kept it contained to the LAN or if they used the normal NAT transport. This may not be of any help, I think you are onto the root of the problem with the mouse sampling rate, but have you monitored the CPU usage of TV? You say you have a high end unit, you should be able to assign more cores to TV. For reference here is an interesting article regarding assigning cores: 

    Assign Specific Processor Cores to Apps in Windows 10

    I'd be curious to find out how you make out on this, if you make any headway. Good luck! 

    Mike Crabill
  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    Hi Scotty,

    That certainly makes sense, it definitely is out of the purview of Teamviewer. It's the habit of people and techs especially, to push the limits and see what they can get out of something. It's always fun to succeed at doing something that others haven't and especially if it was not supposed to be possible. If it weren't for this, there would be a lot less advances and improvements in products. I know I always enjoy a challenge!

    I believe this like you say is beyond the scope of possible without some core changes. We can always wish!

    On to bigger and better(?) things!


    Mike Crabill
  • I understand that it's not the "design center" for TV to support gaming, and again, I'm not asking for "excellent support" for gaming. But only the ability to control a game remotely without the camera spinning around out of control and with the character unable to walk or move around the game.

    Anyway, back to my other question. I have tried a local TV connection on my LAN and find that TV does short circuit the screen traffic to the LAN. My test was to play a YOUTUBE video on the remote machine and watch the traffic to the WAN as seen by the router from both the remote and the client machines. What I saw was the "remote" machine doing incoming youtube traffic as expected, but no traffic as seen by the router between the two machines. The router saw essentially no traffic from the TV client machine, only the remote machine that was watching the video directly. So I was pleased to see that TV has short circuited the TV traffic to the LAN as hoped.

    Thanks for passing my game control concerns on.


  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    Hi windyplayer,

    I received another sugestion from one of the Teamviewer tech's ; Julia she suggested;

    "Can you please try to deactivate the QuickConnecton button in TeamViewer? You can find this oprion under "extras - options - advanced" - deactivate it on the remote side. Sometimes this helps because TeamViewer only communicates with other programs through this button. I cannot promise that this will help, but I think it is at least worth a try :)"

    It can't hurt to give it a try, maybe it will help some. 


    Mike Crabill
  • Has there been any sort of movement on this? I use it when i have downtime at work to play things like Civ V which is awesome. But like you said anything that requires ANY sort of continous key press is unplayable. It would be great to see this fixed.

  • Sorry, no signs of any movement in that direction. I don't think that incorporating gaming isn't on the top of their priority list. Maybe if you can get a bunch of people requesting it, they might get motivated in that direction. Wish I had better news for you but unfortunately not.


    Mike Crabill
  • Chase1
    Chase1 Posts: 1

    I tried changing the controls to up, down, left, right and it worked perfectly. It must have to do with the controls and not the connection.

  • TechGuy56
    TechGuy56 Posts: 41

    That's great news, good job! I'm glad you were able to find a solution and share it.


    Mike Crabill
  • This works perfectly for a fluid movement! Thanks


  • Can you tell what to mean controls up, down, left, right and where can i find it on menu ?

  • @justice wrote:

    Can you tell what to mean controls up, down, left, right and where can i find it on menu ?

    Change the key bindings in the game you are playing for Up, Down, Left and Right on your keyboard, that's the trick

  • ah ok, that doesnt really work for me. Anyway thanks ;)
  • Can work through teamviwer I need reply


    waiting for reply

  • so what stop in your programm make mini codе to imitation long push button. for example, if button click many time per second, team viewer send to remote PC name button and her power mode (push, long push or unpush). it save internet speed and resourse on 2 PC, than it is wonderful for gaming on hight preset graphics. I understend, that will be low FPS and not happy for comfort gaming? and team viewer not analog another cloud streem gaming service like PlayKey or Steam Remote, but this is free programm to remote sharing screen and sound. Nevertheless, I want to free remote gaming. I not sure, that epic shooter or another action game good for remote gaming, but another game group I think, that will be best for remote gaming. I'm not asking programm for gamepad support, but long push i want very much.
  • Sorry for upping this thread.

    Changing the control to the arrows works perfectly.
    But today, the camera doing weird moves still exists.

    I'm not asking for a remote acces to CoD or something like that. Just a few games that are FP camera view and in need of a smooth movements.
    Like playing PC Building Simulator is impossible, because you need your mouse to control the camera. But you can walk correctly x)

  • @Biclope wrote:

    Sorry for upping this thread.

    Changing the control to the arrows works perfectly.
    But today, the camera doing weird moves still exists.

    I'm not asking for a remote acces to CoD or something like that. Just a few games that are FP camera view and in need of a smooth movements.
    Like playing PC Building Simulator is impossible, because you need your mouse to control the camera. But you can walk correctly x)

    ,Hi, there is nothing on the internet that does what you described (or I didn't find it). I had to make a little Java script that took my mouse and centered it. 

  • create0
    create0 Posts: 1

    That's really cognitive information to know about such a indomitable and concrete stuffs. I stolidly respect that effort and hope to keep the good work as same as always. Thank you for being so workaholic, it has server us the way we want. Indeed , grateful to you.

  • I was trying to play a game remotely off my computer at home and when I try to move the character the mouse moves but the character doesn't, also the wasd keys don't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • nomore
    nomore Posts: 1

    I can’t move the WASD keys, but the arrow keys move normally. Also, extremely high camera sensitivity. How can i fix this?

  • BeaterX
    BeaterX Posts: 1

    @DanalaDanazo could you send us this program please?

  • @BeaterX Hi, right now I don't have it in my workspace, but it was a simple program as a work-around, just dragging the mouse to the center all the time so it give the sensation that it does the same as game engines do

  • Your ISP is restricted, you can open port 5938 TCP, or you can use a Mod emulator application on, this is the address that provides very good Mod applications.

  • Changing from AWSD to Left Up Down Right Arrows also helped a lot for me.

    @DanalaDanazo do you think your workaround can work with GTAV? If so can could you share it? I only need this to walk in a straight line.

  • tofe
    tofe Posts: 1


    I have a PC on LAN i run game on. After I hid away my PC I found myself in need of remote control software. I have tried "TeamViewer" and RDC and got same problems as you. But with extra software I got to solution.

    Before I hid away my PC I used "Input Director" to send my input controls to screen of different system. Now combination of "TeamViewer" and "Input Director" works splendid to control a game. Use on software for visual of remote system and other to send input controls to remote system \o/

  • @RASMiranda Again, I don't have that project right now. Something like this in Java should work anyways: 

    		Robot robot;
    try {
    while(true) {
    robot = new Robot();
    robot.mouseMove(100, 100); //(X,Y) coordinates in your screen
    } catch (AWTException e) {

    If you run this as a java file, as long as it runs, it will keep dragging your mouse to the X, Y coordinates.

    Hope this helps