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Install TV Pilot App

I have tried on multiple android units to install the TeamViewer Pilot App.

But everytime it tells me that your device isn't compatible with this version.

I have checked the version and it says min. Android 7.0

I have tried with ABook C10, that has android 7.0

I have tried with Samsung Galaxy Xcover4, that has android 9.0

I have tried with Huawei phone, that has android 7.0


How should I install the app???

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  • Thank you. This information should be more accessible from Android store or the website. I have tried to find this information, but was unable to.

  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,291 Senior Moderator

    Hi @ntolesen 

    Thank you for the fast reply. 

    I will forward your suggestion to my colleagues in the relevant department. 

    If there is anything we could help you with, feel free to contact us again. 

    Wish you a great day and all the best,

    German Community Moderator [on Parental Leave 🙋‍♀️]
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