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Remote locks when iPad disconnects

I need the remote computer not to lock after I disconnect the remote connection.

I am using an iPad to connect to a Mac. I did read previous posts about this issue ( I want to stop TeamViewer from locking my remote computer when I close the connection.  ) but none of them refers to the iPad as a local computer. The solutions all involve some settings that seem to not be available in the iPad App (or I can't find them) For example, if I use another Mac as the local computer I can go to a menu on top of the screen that lets me disable the "lock when disconnecting" option (even though it's annoying that this gets reset every now and then so I have to check it for each session) BUT on the iPad there seems to be no way to keep the remote computer unlocked. Since I am using the remote connection to start a streaming music service on a computer without a monitor, and locking the computer stops the stream, this makes it impossible to use the iPad to control the remote computer.

This is the option I cannot find on the iPad:

Screenshot 2019-09-23 11.17.28.png



  • I have the same issue. I quit using Team VIewer because of this issue. It's very inconvienent.

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