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TV13 meeting and voice on Skype

we usually use Skype for voice and TV13 for the screensharing.
Voice started and it works as expected, as soon as i join the TV meeting sound decrease and the others in the voice call can't here me. As soon as I got disconnected and restart Skype it works as expected. Tested on OSX

Any idea on that?


  • @ai-skDid you ever find a solution for the volume decrease in Skype? I still have the same problem and can't find any solution and this with TV 14.

  • This is the solution that TeamViewer techsupport gave me for managing the Skype and TV issue:

    In Windows Sound settings there's a Communications tab that by default will lower the volume of other applications when it detects a communication application is running. just set that to "do nothing" and that should fix it.

    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Sound 


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