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Incoming lan connection doesn't work after TeamViewer host get policy

Hi Folks

Not sure you get this issue like I had but the Incoming LAN connection is doesn't work after assinged policy to TeamViewer Host though management console.

But my policy has the Incoming LAN connection set to enable.

any ideas ?




  • Erha-ah
    Erha-ah Posts: 14

    Which policies do you use?

    More specifically; there are policies which disallow a client to connect, such as white-list and black-list. Maybe that's what's causing your issues.

  • Pond
    Pond Posts: 8

    Hi Erha-ah

    Yes , I do set whitelist-backlist policy but i'm in whitelist id , why cannot remote via local IP address but TeamViewer ID can be remote without issue ? please advice.



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