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Mac Scrolling, Spotlight Search, Mission Control, & Full Screen

I've been using TeamViewer for Windows to Windows and Mac to Windows for a while and haven't had any issues.  Tonight, I'm trying a Mac to Mac connection.  Both sides are running 13.0.6447.  "Send Key Combinations" is checked.

So, when I do a two-finger scroll, I see very little, if any, movement on the remote computer.  How can I scroll?

If I press command-Space, I get Spotlight Search on my local computer.  How can I get it on the remote computer?

If I move an app to be full screen on the remote computer, how can I get out of it or switch back to the main desktop?  In this case, I coudln't scroll Finder so I made it full screen.  But then, I couldn't see the red, yellow, and green dots so I couldn't get back to the main desktop.  When I moved to the top of the screen, I got the TeamViewer menu on my local computer.  I also couldn't use a 3-finger slide because that only changed the desktop on my local computer.  I finally used the TeamViewer menu to Force Quit Finder so I could return to the main desktop.

Finally, can I access Mission Control on the remote computer?  Three or four fingers dragging up and control-Up Arrow only bring it up on the local computer.


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