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Windows 10 connection Display issue

Actually I have found out that Teamviewer helps temporary solving a problem I have with Windows 10, where often dropdown menues do not show up or entering anything in a field is very slow.
When I connect this affected PC remotely via my Ipad Teamviewer licence, this instantely is working again, dropdown menues appear and everything runs very fast. Once I disconnect Teamviewer everything is slow again.
I remarked that when connection is established, the screen blinks shortly and then things work, but did not find out what settings are affected

Now my question is, which Win10 settings does Teamviewer override or change when connecting or disconnecting?

This way I hope to find the switch to solve my problem without beeing connected with Teamviewer all the time.


  • SupertrampSupertramp Posts: 21

    Hi @Wabo

    Difficult to answer: if behavior is what you describe when you connect you should check:
    - What is your network doing with your network (which is now busy communicating with your PAD);
    - Which video card is enabled by default for the program you are working on (assuming you have configured more than one video card)

    In any case, you may have to check for additional video card options: you may not have set the better video resolution and TeamViewer, choosing to set it to the optimal version ("screen blinks shortly"), is improving your experience only when connected.

    Let me know


    The real programmer does not interpret dreams. Just compile them
  • WaboWabo Posts: 3

    Hi, Supertramp,

    network does not seem to show any changes, loss of contacts etc.

    I do have only one graphics card installed (Nvidia Gforce GTX980) and the resolution is 3840x2160 on my 42" display which says this would be optimal/native). Had no issues on win7 before and Teamviewer does not seem to change resolution asa everything looks the same after connecting.

  • SupertrampSupertramp Posts: 21

    Hi @Wabo

    so... take a look at event viewer, before (during slow work) and after a connection from Pad.

    Do you notice any events worthy of note?

    The real programmer does not interpret dreams. Just compile them
  • WaboWabo Posts: 3


    I can open that assuming that the german language equivalent is "Ereignisanzeige".  Only that exceeds my capabilities of interpreting what is happening there.  But so far it sounds logical that the resolution settings maybe the target to look further.
    Thank you so far. Will try to go ahead from here, hopefully without needing to understand the event viewer ;)

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