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Windows to Chrome OS Access?

I see some of the suggestions and the "Chrome Remote Desktop" app for Windows, but it's still a little unclear if I am able to connect to a Chromebook via my Windows 7 machine?  It does not look possible with the Teamviewer Program, but looks possilbe using the "Chrome Remote Desktop" that correct?

Thanks, AdminMaster


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  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 3,011 Moderator

    Hello @AdminMaster,

    As we say...better late than never! ?

    We are happy to announce that you can now share the screen of your devices running ChromeOS. ?

    If you want to connect via unattended access, please use the TeamViewer Host.
    If you want to connect spontaneously, please use the TeamViewer QuickSupport.

    You will find the download links here:

    Alternatively, you can also download these versions directly on our website here: TeamViewer for Chrome OS

    Please also find additional information here: Supported platforms - Chrome OS 

    Feel free to share your feedback!

    Have a good end of the week. and stay safe! ?



    French Community Moderator
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