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How to send special keystrokes

When I'm controlling a remote windows machine, how do I send a keystroke like "alt+tab"? Is there a virtual keyboard that I'm missing?

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  • Oh; I see it now while using the desktop app. I was using the Chrome browser app, and it's (understandably) more limited than the desktop app. Thank you!
  • SWAG_B
    SWAG_B Posts: 1

    Chrome OS version doesnt seem to have this option, or am i missing something?

  • Using Teamviewer for mac 13.1.4170

    Can't find this option ANYWHERE.









  • hugolia
    hugolia Posts: 1

    I had no “Send key combinations” option...

    How do I enable this option?



  • gariki
    gariki Posts: 7


    I dont see this option on the windows app. Is this hiding somewhere?

  • hkppl
    hkppl Posts: 1


  • gariki
    gariki Posts: 7

    I was using a windows app which did not have this option. After i installed the desktop application its working well now. thank you!


  • b5969e5e
    b5969e5e Posts: 1

    I am using the TeamViewer 14 Linux client to access a Windows 10 host. I cannot find this option in any of the places mentioned above. Is it supported in my setup at all?

  • brunob
    brunob Posts: 1

    Doesn't work for me. The option is selected, still CMD-ALT-ESC doesn't work on my remote

    (OSX Mavericks to MacOS Sierra)


  • mardus
    mardus Posts: 7

    Well, it's not sending ANY combination shortcuts to after effects (from osx 10.13.6 to win10).

  • naveen2112
    naveen2112 Posts: 1

    Even still, I cannot send certain key combinations. For Instance "Win + D" and  "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q"  doesn't seem to work. Should I enable anything else? FYI: I am connecting to a Ubuntu Machine from a Windows Machine.

  • I am using Teamviewer 14 aswell on both host and client but this option does not seem to be supported on linux.

    Did anyone find a solution to this?

  • So clearly to this date, this option is still missing from teamviewer desktop app for linux. Is development team thinking of implementing it at all?

  • LarsV
    LarsV Posts: 3


    i'm using V15 and have this option activated, but the key ALT-1 is not sendet to the remote Desktop.

    i need this for the applikation Dexpot - this is a multidesktoptool.

    kindly regards,

  • gardan
    gardan Posts: 5

    Hi I did this and ticked the send key combinations , but my f9 key still wont work on the remote PC, has anyone else experienced this and perhaps got a further solution?

    many thanks

  • gardan
    gardan Posts: 5

    I wonder if this does not work because I am using the Free version of teamviewer ?

  • LarsV
    LarsV Posts: 3

    In my case i use the commercial version

  • gardan
    gardan Posts: 5

    so it may be because I'm usig the free version?  I would be interested to know.

  • iKJH
    iKJH Posts: 1


    If you cannot find the Actions tab as described in the recommended answer, it is because there is no Actions tab on the client application itself. You have to open a VM and then look for the UI.

    1 Open the virtual machine instance up you want to send keystrokes through.

    2 Look for the interface on top of the actual virtual machine screen. It may be hidden and looks like a small grey rectangle on the top of the screen.

    3 If its not hidden you will see a lightning bolt icon called Actions. Send key combinations is here. Check mark the setting and you are good to go 

  • I had the same problem when I used TV Desktop to start a microsoft RDP session into our server - the shift button didn't even work! Here's why.... Even though I had checked 'Send Key Combinations' it still did not fix the problem. When I Unchecked 'Disable remote input' on the Actions tab - that fixed it! I could send special key combinations! To me, this is a bug and should be fixed (are you listening Teamviewer???) since it is bad security to leave 'Disable remote input' unchecked!

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