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Scammers and fraudsters are using team viewer to access computers by explaining they are from the ISP supplier. I have 3 partner IDs that need to be looked into...

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    Hi andy,

    thank you for your post. We already received your ticket and we will take care of your concern.


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    How do we report a victims ID? Who to? What email address?

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    Fraud and misuse of the software can be reported to: - For unauthorised access
    -or- - if you have been scammed.

    Although both addresses will go to the same team.


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    I did contact the police about all the scammer phone calls that I've received, I got another one today which I have already reported to my ISP. The problem with scammers is that they are notoriously difficult to trace back to the origins. The phone call I received today was another phone number that doesn't work when you ring it back. I just hope that the IDs I gave you have been blocked. Despite being very intelligent I'm also quite vulnerable because of my mental health.

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    I just got a phone call and although I was alarmed about it, these guys had my landline and the CLSID number (said it is the Microsoft license number).
    Once I downloaded the teamviewer and provided (silly me) the access code, Microsoft corporation came up on the correspondence box.
    I started googling scam and teamviewer and put the phone down.
    Now, I need to inform my bank, the police and don’t know who else.
    How they got hold of my landline no and CLSID (if that is license Id), i have no idea.
    From switzerland
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    Dear Jojolamp,

    Fraud and misuse of the software can be reported to: - For unauthorised access
    -or- - if you have been scammed.

    Although both addresses will go to the same team.


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    I think I just received a phone call from a scammer. He said his name is Albert Williams from Teamviewer and that someone was using my internet. He said he was calling on behalf of Sky. He asked me to go to your website and start downloading. I asked for a number to call him back to confirm he was not fraudulent but he would not give it to me, just saying to trust him. He said I needed more security for my internet and he was going to help me. He became  bit argumentative when I challenged him, and requested contact details.

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    HI @ckeller 

    Thanks for your post. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you!

    indeed this sounds like a fraudster or scammer was trying to trick you. TeamViewer does not cold call people for support (or at all).

    Please see this article for more information TeamViewer and scamming and keep on being careful when someone is calling you (or sending you text messages or similar).

    Thanks and stay safe,



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    Someone installed teamviewer onto my phone, without my permission of course, to successfully steal all kinds of information from me as well as see absolutely EVERYTHING I had been doing. Now I've got an idea of who it might of been but how do I find out without a doubt it was them, as well as ensure it's removed from my device.