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headless install on Linux - how to set easy access ?

I have TeamViewer installed on Linux without graphical interface.

But I could not find how to set the easy-access mode for this device...
The only reference I found for this was giving instructions for Windows and MAC.
Also an article does talk abou this, but would say that when added to your group of computers it is then automatically not needing the password.... my experience shows it is not quite so....

Thanks for helping



  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    Hi  @Kristian_AV 

    I don't know which articles did you see before, but I would recommend you to check this article and this post and watch for the details are in them.

    I believe they are covering the most (if not all) of them.

    Best regards