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Can't access computers from outside internal network

My Windows 10 recently did the latest and greatest upgrade from microsoft.  Since the upgrade, I can no longer access computer on my internal home network from outside the network.  It has worked well in the past.  I can access them if they are all on the same network.  Is there a switch or option I need to allow to get this working again?

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  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    I would check both the windows firewall (disable it for diagnostic purposes and see if it works then) and then your network firewall provided by your ISP (Set it to a lower security level). See if either of those make a differance. Then report back please.

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  • What does this mean "under the apps"?  Can someone please explain how to do this?  I.e. "enable access from public locations".  Thanks in advance.

  • SewerynW
    SewerynW Posts: 1

    In Windows 10 go to Windows Security > Firewall & network protection and turn off the Public network protection. 

    Works for me


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