How do I disable the comment box from popping up after every session?

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How do I disable the comment box from popping up after every session?




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  • BenKayfetz
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    Perfect, thank you. 

    I was looking for the setting in the utility, not the consol...


  • Hoerbiger
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    Hi Esther,

    we do not use the Teamviewer Managment Console in our company.
    How can we disable that pop up?
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  • Okie
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    Is this function only available for the paid versions to disable? I am using the free version to help a 94 y/o visually compromised person, and after I log out it confounds her and she has difficulty closing the message window. That option is grayed out on both her mac and mine.

  • ExquisiteArcane
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    have the same problem, i already liked app as the popup said but cant uncheck this option because its greyed out in settings

    so do i have to pay u to disable it?

    its annoying as **bleep** and its interfering with what i do when i log from phone to computer, things i do stops when this popup shows

    please answer to

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  • cruiselite
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    I agree with the prior comment in that the popup is annoying. IF my Linux box would still go into the screensaver and allow the monitor to power-save I would not mind, but on 3 different Linux systems, this is not the case. The monitor stays on until I click to remove the message.

    On 2 different Windows systems, the screen saver will come on just fine and the monitor will eventually go into sleep mode.

    Does anyone have a workaround?

  • Freehiker
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    You should add that you can ONLY uncheck that box if you are a paid user.  


    Free users have to put up with that **bleep**.

  • Marteicos
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    The only solution for free users is to reconnect, click the ok and disconnect fast, the windows will not appear again with a connection of less than 30 seconds. It's silly to make it for paid users only.

    Or at least make it go away by itself after a couple minutes.
  • MacMind
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    I've never noticed this before, until recently upgrading my TeamViewer client application to version 14. Now, apparently, even for a PAID "business" user account, that option is greyed out, and can not be un-checked, either in the TeamViewer client application, nor in the web portal 'management console'.  I should also state that I'm using the Macintosh TeamViewer client, and macOS 10.12.

    I've submitted a support ticket with TeamViewer, and just now spent about 45 min on the phone with a support rep, who went thru various steps (such as temporarily upgrading my account to premium, where the option was then NOT checked), but when returned to my normal paid for business account, the option was then again checked, and greyed out. So, the case is being escalated and I'm looking forward to TeamViewer resolving this issue.



  • jflambert
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    I am a paying corporate account and I can't unselect the box. It is grayed out.

  • tadphoto
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    I've noticed Esther has stopped replying now that they grayed out check box is the issue. 

    This popup box needs to be "ok'd" before I can reconnect to the host computer and causes the host to appear frozen when trying to log in. 

    At this moment I am going to have to drive home and physically get my files, which is EXACTLY what this program is supposed to prevent. 

    When the program works it works well, but it is so convoluted and buggy (why are finder options on the remote computer so hard to access) that I'd never consider paying for it. Maybe make the free experience better and disable some features rather than making us figure out this mess. 

  • gomezz16
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    This doesnt work. the option is locked or behind a pay wall

  • tadphoto
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    My menu doesn't look like this. This is not a solution. 

  • tadphoto
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    This option is grayed out in the free version. Someone just needs to say that this isn't possible in the free version, which seems to be the case. 

  • ixinsh
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    So is it possible to disable these popups on free version?

    1) if I buy Business Licence will I be able to disable "Show comment window after each session" ?
    2) if I buy Business Licence will I be able to disable "Notify me when partners sign in" ?

  • klepp0906
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    pretty disappointing that this is not able to be turned off for personal users.

    if your going to make a product free, do so without the obnoxious arbitrary limitations like time limits that hinder the way many need to use it, or ads/popups which are arguably even worse.

    if you truly dont want to offer a "real" free version for home users,  at least make a lifetime license option so people that dont service large networks or use it commercially can have something convenient for their home without it being neutered or the UE completely tarnished.

  • klepp0906
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    ah nice.   thank you for the link. 

  • klepp0906
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    yea thats a no bueno.  least didnt work for me.  still get sponsored session, still get the advertisement when closing teamviewer itself.   for the shame

  • veryounique
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    This works!

    It's a bit of pain....but it works!!   

    THANK you! :-)

  • ColCo
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    Doesn't work

  • yavuzkurt
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    Yep, no way to disable it unless you pay. They can't even be honest enough to say that in the popup, or in these forums. Just come out and say it: WE WANT MONEY.

  • Shadefix
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    Write in a ticket. i had this too, its because their system thinks you are using it for a business which is not allowed in their eula.

    if you send in a ticket that you are using it for only personal use they will remove the flag and you won't time out anymore and dont get the sponsored message.

    for the popup message after you close a connection, what i do is just reconnect click ok and close it again, then the popup won't reappear.

    i know it **bleep** but there isn't a good alternative for teamviewer sadly enough.

  • carltonjb
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    It says company requires, however no one in my company knows anything about it seems like a generic ON setting. Please set it as OFF