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Auto-reconnect after a remote reboot no longer works?

Hi all, I'm a registered user running the latest full version V13 on my end and my remote clients are using the QS version. It seems that whenever I initiate a remote reboot of a machine I can no longer auto-connect back to that machine, the remote user needs to authorise the connection again and it's a pain. Previoulsly, if I initiated a remote reboot of a computer I was automatically connected back to it after hitting the "Reconnect" button. As anything changed? Am I doing something wrong/diffferent than before?

Thank you all for your time and support,



  • makarmia
    makarmia Posts: 2

    In my setup (teamviwer teamviewer 15.6.7 on two Ubuntu 18 machines) the remote reboot option in Actions is grayed out. I am looking for solution for some time now. I can restart the remote, but not reconnect to it. I have to physically access the remote after each reboot.  Help will be much appreciated.

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