Authentication for easy access PC

hi there, i always had my personal devices; PC, laptop, mobile, and work PC, connected and linked to my account with easy access unattended session activated, suddenly, only my personal PC requires password for authentication, however i had been always using it with the protected password of the account. now i cannot access my PC and i am travelling . i need help to re-connect and remote control my PC urgently using my account. 


  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @kareemabdelalim,

    Thanks for your message and welcome to our community!?

    Please check out our Knowledge Base article Easy Access and different passwords. When you use Easy Access, please make sure you use the assigned account to connect. When you use your personal password to connect, please ensure it matches.

    If the issue continues, could you please provide more detailed information and the screenshot of the error message?

    I look forward to your reply.

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