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First impression: black screen

This is the first time I use teamviewer. I installed teamviewer 12 on my Linux PC (Fedora 25) and my Chromebook. I can connect from my Chromebook to my Linux PC and am even able to do some actions (send a message, use the chat).

But the screen on the Chromebook remains black. So I cannot use this application.



  • fansari
    fansari Posts: 4

    I found the reason. Fedora 25 normally uses Wayland. It seems that TeamViewer does not support Wayland.

    If I run my session under X instead of Wayland it works.

    So my question is: when will TeamViewer support Wayland?


  • fansari
    fansari Posts: 4

    Also I found that X is only necessary on server side. The client may use Wayland.


  • Same problem here. It seems there is now way getting Wayland to work with teamviewer right now (assuming wayland runs on server side).....unfortunately.

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