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Sunsetting TeamViewer 3 and 4

Dear Community users,

We would like to announce that TeamViewer will discontinue the service for TeamViewer 3 in March 2019 and TeamViewer 4 in December 2019.

Throughout the TeamViewer history, TeamViewer has brought numerous products and services - like Remote Access, Remote Management and Augmented Reality Support - to the market. 

Since its first launch in 2005 the TeamViewer products and services were enhanced continuously based on user feedback to ensure the best user experience. On top of that we always made sure to support the latest operating systems, implement and deliver the highest security standards as well as best operating performance. This applies of course to all our software products and services. 

We carefully consider the needs and context of our customers. Based on this we improve our solutions with the latest technologies to be future proof as well as support their current work environment. The new Product Lifecycle Policy put this into a transparent framework for our products and services. TeamViewer solutions always consist of the software client and the related infrastructure services. We recommend to always use the latest software client of TeamViewer to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems, highest security standards and performance.

Our free plan for non-commercial use is offered in the most recent version. If you are a personal user of the free version, please make sure to always use the most recent version. Active customers on a subscription plan can use the service according to our EULA.

If an older version is still in place, please find below a time table displaying the stages End of sales (related to the client software itself) and Service discontinuation (related to the infrastructure provision) representing the availability for each client version and its service. 

TeamViewer version Initial Sales End of Sales Service discontinuation
TeamViewer 1 2006 October 2006 June 30th, 2017
TeamViewer 2 October 2006 September 2007 June 30th, 2017
TeamViewer 3 September 2007 December 2008 March 1st, 2019
TeamViewer 4 December 2008 November 2009 December 1st, 2019


For further information, please also see the information about the TeamViewer Product Lifecycle Policy or visit the corresponding Knowledge Base article within our Community.  

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service teams.

All the best,


Community Manager

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