Posted by olafbahr

Blizz Whiteboard tool missing

Using the updated Blizz Mar. 27, 2018 and the Whiteboard tools seem to be missing!?!

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Posted by olafbahr

Re: Blizz Whiteboard tool missing

Found In the prefs to uncheck "Use New UI" and it brought everything back to "normal"

Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: Blizz Whiteboard tool missing

We have released with some reduced functionality and will bring back solutions for such. I.e. understanding what you really need and to provide it the best way.

Pls. use the ideas board or apply for the User Focus Program to provide us your needs.

Regarding the other comment of enabling the new UI again: Good find ... Anyway, this option will be taken away at some point. See above to provide input on your needs. Also, it would need every participant to use the old UI.

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Posted by Mijsoot

Re: Blizz Whiteboard tool missing


It's a pity the whiteboard doesn't work anymore, even if you uncheck the box "Use New UI".
We have the tool box, but the tools don't work.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you in advance