[iOS] QuickSupport v15.4.1 - Change Log

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[iOS] QuickSupport v15.4.1 - Change Log

Operating system: iOS

Version: 15.4.1

Release date: 2020-03-24

Change Log:

New features

Bug fixes

  • Minor fixes and improvements
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Re: [iOS] QuickSupport v15.4.1 - Change Log

Try to access my IPAD with IOS 13.4 and Quicksupport 15.4.1 . I'm connecting with Teamviewer either from my PC or my Iphone. After be connected few secondes and moving around on the IPAD I always get disconnected with this message : Attempted to start an invalid broadcast session

Same issue with another IPAD with IOS 13.3.1and Quicksupport 15.4.1

 But no issue to access my Iphone with IOS 13.4 and Quicksupport 15.3.1. I'm connecting with Tiemviewer either from my PC or my IPAD.. ALL IS GOOD and no disconection.

What's wrong with Quicksupport 15.4.1 for IPAD?