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[macOS] v14.3.4730 (Full) - Change Log

We released a new version of the MacOS full version

Operating system: MacOS

Version: 14.3.4730 (Full)

Release date: 2019-06-06

Change Log:

  • The expert on the client side in TeamViewer Pilot sessions can now draw free hand in addition to placing arrows
  • Fixed an issue which prevented VoIP from starting directly from the beginning of a TeamViewer Pilot session
  • Fixed a bug that could cause connections to mobile devices to become stuck during connection establishment under certain conditions
  • Solved some other issues which caused crashes
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • It's now possible to do an unattended and silent rollout of the Host on macOS
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Posted by apizz

Re: macOS v14.3.4730 (Full) - Change Log

@Esther I was under the impression that with a corporate license & the assignment tool that Macs already had the capability to do an unattended (silent) rollout.

Is there something I'm missing, or new feature(s) / capabilities that have been added?

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Re: macOS v14.3.4730 (Full) - Change Log

Hi @apizz 

Thanks for your question.

Yes - unattended was possible, but not silent.

The wording in the Change Log was a bit confusing and so I changed it slightly to "unattended and silent".

Thanks again and best,