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Use TeamViewer to empower your Chromebook through remote control.

A Chromebook can be a great alternative to both big, heavy-duty PCs and Laptops, as well as to small screen smart phones.

They often come as very affordable laptop/tablet hybrids and always with a lightweight Linux-based operating system (Chrome OS) and are perfect to work on the go due to their long battery life.

That’s because the machines heavily rely on the deeply integrated Google apps that make use of cloud computing with their only must-have requirement being an internet connection.

Because they’re designed to be that lightweight, the main drawbacks of Chromebooks are their limited processing power and storage.

Standard exemplars come with a 2GB RAM, a Core i3 or similar CPU and 16GB of onboard storage. That’s plenty for the intended uses cases that mainly consist of cloud computing and surfing the internet.

It only gets tricky whenever users want to perform tasks such as multimedia editing that require a lot more processing power and storage than their device offers.

Popular programs like Adobe’s range of editing software aren’t available in the Chrome Web and Google Play stores and these or similar graphic-intense programs would certainly overstrain a standard Chromebook’s capacities.

However, there’s an easy way to avoid these problems and harness the processing power of any other computer at your disposal.

TeamViewer Remote Control with Chromebooks

You can easily use TeamViewer on your Chromebook to remotely control or support computers, laptops, smart phones, …you name it.

Simply visit the Chrome Web Store and add TeamViewer to your Chrome.

As soon as TeamViewer is installed, you’ll be able to connect to other devices and control them as if you were sitting right in front of them.

To connect to your devices at any time, even if they’re offline, you should consider setting up unattended access and Wake-on-LAN.

With TeamViewer on your Chromebook, you can work with everything installed and stored on other devices, for example:

  • Access and edit files stored on another machine
  • Use all programs you’re well-versed with that run on the respective devices you’re controlling
  • Harness their processing power for demanding tasks, e.g. multimedia editing
    --> TeamViewer even supports framerates of up to 60 fps

Be advised that, even though you can control other devices using TeamViewer on your Chromebook, currently other TeamViewer devices can’t control a Chromebook remotely.

Access Your Devices from Anywhere

Because of the high demand for mobility, flexibility and the conveniences of internet access, many of us take our devices with us anywhere we go.

As mentioned above, Chromebooks are just perfect for that – as long as you don’t attempt to burden them with computationally intensive tasks.

However, if you’re on the go and need to access another device’s local files or processing power, using TeamViewer is an easy way to achieve that.

What experiences do you have with Chromebooks? Share them in the comment section below!




I installed TeamViewer.
It is a purpose to use it by an individual, but I registered mistakenly for commercial use.
Please allow it to be used by individuals.
[ID removed]
[personal information removed]
I thank you.


I'm a big fan of TeamViewer on my Chrombook, but I'm unable to pass keyboard shortcuts through to the WIndows host without using a virtual keyboard on the host. Is there a way to map keys through e.g. F-keys, Ctrl, Alt etc?


I am having the same trouble sending keyboard commands via TeamViewer from a Chromebook to a Windows Machine. Everytime I hit CTRL + T for Free Transform in Photoshop on the Windows machine, the Chromebook opens a new tab on Google Chrome. What settings do we need to configure in order to use Windows Shortcuts through TeamViewer?

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@chrismac Thank you for that question. I checked it with our developers and it looks like it is generally not possible to suppress shortcuts from ChromeOS and you cannot change the shortcuts in ChromeOS either (like Ctrl + T for a new tab). Our advice is, that you change the shortcut in Photoshop to one which isn´t used by ChromeOS.

Best, Esther

How do i find my teamviewer ID and password on a chromebook? 

Community Manager

Hi @pforquer1997 

Even though you can control other devices using TeamViewer on your Chromebook, currently other TeamViewer devices can’t control a Chromebook remotely. Therefore, no TeamViewer ID and password are shown on your Chromebook. All the best, Esther

another company did it but didnt need an id or a password. 

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Some chromebooks have access to GooglePlay apps, and if so, it is possible to install apps from it, like the TeamViewer QuickSupport App or the TeamViewer Host for Android. But: TeamViewer does not support that.


How can I add my TeamViewer License to the Chrome OS TeamViewer App?


How do I add a chromebook to the whitelist of my PC?

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Hi @matthanoverllc Only outgoing connections are possible with TeamViewer for Chromebook. Therefore, no TeamViewer ID (and password) are shown on your Chromebook and so you cannot whitelist a Chromebook with its ID, but you can whitelist of the TeamViewer account you are using on the Chromebook. All the best, Esther


Esther It will not allow me to use the team viewer extension on chrome. When I open team viewer the wheel just spins.  I removed the extension and added it again but still the same. I never had any issues before using this chromebook. What can I do?



TeamViewer does not work on a Chromebook.  When I enter the Partner Id and click on Connect To Partner, nothing happens.

Similarly, if I run Management Console in a browser on a Chromebook and click on the Connect button, I get a flash of a dialog but no connection.