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Access Problem

Hi all,

I have been using Teamviewer for personal use for a while now to access my home computers while on holiday. I have not had a problem until very recently. When I try to access my computers in the morning, I get an error message that I cannot connect. However, every day after 0900 hrs, I can access all my computers. My question is - is there a setting within Teamviewer that is limiting access by time or is it my home router [cannot see anything in that though]?


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Re: Access Problem

Hi Mnementh, 

Thank you for your post. 

There is no setting in TeamViewer that would limit a user's access to certain times of the day. This applies to both the free version and the licenced version.

Could you please check your router, firewall etc. and keep us posted?

Thank you in advance.

All the best, 


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