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BUG? File transfer from server on remote computer goes to wrong folder

I am running the TeamViewer 14.1.3399.

When I transfer a file from my laptop to a remote computer, th file goes into the folder shown in the File Transfer dialog box. E.g If I transfer a file from (local) C:\Games to (remote) \\IZZARD\data\Games, the file goes into \\IZZARD\data\Games.

However, if I transfer from (remote) \\IZZARD\data\Games to (local) C:\Games, the file goes to C:\Games\IZZARD\data\Games.

It appear that the File Transfer box cannot cope with a fill UNC address (starting \\). This was NOT the case in previous version of TeamViewer (v12 certainly).

Is this a known bug in the program of is there some setting I have to change to get the desired behavour, i.e. transfer to C:\Games?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Andrew Bond