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Bandwidth Requirement


I would like to know the minimum and recommended bandwidth requirements for a Teamviewer session, but I cannot find related information from the offical website. May I ask where I can find such information? Thanks. 



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2 Replies
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Re: Bandwidth Requirement

Hello @gwmpeoc

TeamViewer monitors its traffic to ensure to the user their bandwidth capacity of a network. TeamViewer traffic is used in both directions, i.e. for downloads and uploads.

Data flows quickly and smoothly when the amount of traffic on the network is small relative to its capacity. When the amount of traffic nears the capacity of the network, the speed at which data travels begins to drop.

Under the connection info dialog box you will see under "Information" the traffic monitor such as 1212 kB / 500 kB (down/up). This will show you what is currently being utilized through TeamViewer in terms of bandwidth coming in and going out.

These units are measured in kilobytes (kB) so your conversion would be in terms of megabytes and not megabits:

9,928,704 .......... bits
1,241,088 .......... bytes
1,212 .......... kilobytes
1.18359375 . megabytes

 Hope this information helps, have an awesome week!

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Re: Bandwidth Requirement

Historical data is great.

Do you have a document stating what would be needed for projecting potential usage.

In other words how much to expect to use on a video call, etc.

Thanks in advance