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Connection Issues


It's too bad TeamViewer can't assist via email to free users and only has to make it difficult to get any solution despite being it's main user basis.

I've been using TeamViewer for the past 5 years - everyday. 

I've noticted 2 mains issues - 

1. Langauge Synchronization - If you use 2 language like myself, I need to manually adjust the language to match via mouse, becuase if for example, the computer I use to connect from is RUS and my own is ENG, then upon connecting it doesn't match up the language and just makes it inconvenient. I don't think it's something that can be resolved without changes to TeamViewer, so it's a suggestion that I hope will follow through to the developers. 

2. Connection Issue - 1 of my big problems. If my computer disconnects from the internet, especially with TeamViewer 13, it just says "connection not ready". I've tried re-starting the program, connecting to the internet and all that back and fourth  - and it just becomes so much of a hassle it's not worth it. Sometimes it recognizes, sometimes it doesn't, which makes it really unreliable. 

3. Since my work computer has blocked internet access to most sites including TeamViewer, I have to use a VPN to circumviate. In connection to clause 2, it fails to recognize unless I restart the entire computer, that there's a working connection. There's no button to click to check, I just have to hope that I get the pop-up message of "try again" just to keep making the program checking for it and then getting that green ol' dot again. 

4. I don't know why TeamViewer is even blocked by our work. I'm using a different kind of program, although with less capabilities with TeamViewer (which I prefer), and it works without a VPN.

So all in all, these are pretty solid suggseetions from my long time usage and it's too bad that I can't get in touch with the actual developers to get a quick-fix on this VERY BIG issue.  

if the community can help, awesome, but I just wanted to air these out.