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Different access control for different users?


My company uses TeamViewer to remotely monitor and control several of our assets, which are engineering projects that use a Windows machine as the operator interface, to which our engineers and service techs connect via TeamViewer, which is configured for unattended access with a permanent password for each site. One of our business partners, who I’ll call Paul, has asked to be allowed remote access to one of the sites, and we thought this could be done by adding him to our corporate account. For security reasons we need Paul’s access to be view-only, however we still need full remote control capability for all of our own employees.

Is there a way that we can set our remote computer for view-only privileges when accessed by a specific account (or alternatively full control only when accessed by accounts within our company, and all others are view-only)? I have done some searching and couldn’t seem to find any way of doing this so far, but maybe I have missed it. I see in Extras → Options → Advanced → Advanced settings for connections to this computer, there are options for Full Control and View and Show, and I presume View and Show might do what we want here. However from what I can tell this applies to all remote connections to that computer, regardless of what accounts make them, so if I set it to Full Control (as we have now) then it will also allow full control to Paul, and if I set it to View and Show then our other employees won’t be able to control the computer as they need to.

Do you know if there is a way to have view-only access for Paul's account in particular, without affecting our other accounts?



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Re: Different access control for different users?

Hello @adamc87

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

I could suggest you the following solution:

  1. Assign the computer (client) of Paul to your account
  2. Add and apply the policy Access Control (outgoing connections) on Paul's computer with the parameter View and show

Paul will only be able to view the screen of all remote computers he is connecting to.

Note: Unfortunately, we can't set up a configuration that will only apply for Paul (as a user), as policies are only applicable on computers, and not contacts (users).

I hope this solution fits to your use case. 🍀

If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. 👇

Best regards


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