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Host not joining corporate account when installed offline

When deploying devices via SCCM, if the device does not have an internet connection at the time of install then it never joins up to the corporate account. Is this by design?

Below is the command line we are installing with, the settings file only contains our default password and no other settings. Customconfigid, apitoken and group-id have been tripple checked and are correct.

msiexec /i TeamViewer_Host.msi /qn CUSTOMCONFIGID=xxxxxx APITOKEN=xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--reassign --group-id gxxxxxxxxx" SETTINGSFILE=CustomPW.tvopt

I read on another article, albeit from a couple of years ago, that a host would automatically join the corporate account once it gets internet access. Is this not the case?

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Re: Host not joining corporate account when installed offline

Hello @apCraw,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

Yes, the fact that the device does not join the company profile with no internet is by designed, as your company profile is hosted in the Management Console, therefore on the internet.

However, if internet access is gained shortly after the installation, the device should join the company profile. However, we do not recommend to deploy TeamViewer without internet as we cannot guarantee that it will work without internet during the installation.

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