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How can I 'activate Windows' when remote session is freesing?

When I try to start remote session using Teamviewer, I can see other side of PC, however, the windows (of remote PC) seem to be freesed. It sometimes happen, and I usually disconnect and connect again. I have experienced a little bit different sistuation today. Only small blue window can be moved, some buttons and inverse-triangle mark seem to be working, however, other windows were freesing. Both sides of PCs are Windows(R) based.

In the window, there are grey letters saying:

Activate WIndows
Go to Setting to activate Windows.

I could not find 'Setting', while there is Options in Extras of the top window of TeamViewer.

Any help would be welcomed about this situation.


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Re: How can I 'activate Windows' when remote session is freesing?

Hi @FrankYo,

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately that the error message of Activate Windows is not related to TeamViewer software. Kindly try to search the key words on internet and look for possible solution please.

Thank you for your understanding.