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How to import settings

I set a couple of settings in "Extras"-"Options". One of them is the "Personal password (for unattended access". Then in "Advanced" I export the settings to a .reg file.

Now, if I double click the .reg file or import with some other tools, the password will not show up in a fresh install of TeamViewer 12. If I go to "Advanced" and explicitely use the "Import" function there, it works...

I need the passwort, so I can add the installations in our Management Console, so that they are also using the policies which I define there!

So the question is: How to make the import of the reg-File automatically. We are using SCCM as a Deployment tool.

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RE: How to import settings

Dear @flospi

Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, there is no automatically import for .reg files. 

With TeamViewer 12 Corporate you have a new function to deploy your customized host modul. I therefore suggest that the function silent host rollout could be the right solution for you.

Please have a look at this article here

Have a nice day!

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Re: RE: How to import settings

Though the TeamViewer Corporate console has many functions to lock down TeamViewer Hosts it fails to prevent end users from making other changes to the TeamViewer software. The  option of concern here is the Persoanl password (for unattended access). We do not want end users to configure this option to gain remote acces to their computer from outside the company. Users can configure Grant Easy Access with thier own personal TeamViewer account and will have unattended access to that computer. I was able to prove this with my own person TeamViewer account. I now have unattended access to my companies computer from my personal TeamViewer account. This is a HUGE security risk!!!

Please add the option to configure the "Protect options with password" from the Teamviewer Corporate console using policies.

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Re: RE: How to import settings

I totally agree !!!
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Re: RE: How to import settings

I'm not sure if they've changed this with version 14 - but you can import the password and other settings via a script automatically but you can't use regedit.exe

- Using right-click merge on a .reg file does not work
- Using REGEDIT -S in command line does not work

I looked at how the TeamViewer application imports settings and it uses reg.exe
So I attempted to mimic this by using the following command:

REG IMPORT \\server\path\file.reg

And low and behold it worked, we've now run this in our deployment build and it has worked flawlessly.

I haven't managed to export the password protection password yet - but you can export the setting/flag  'changes require admin privileges on this computer'  - which works sufficiently for our needs to prevent tampering as a compromise.

Hope this helps anyone else, as we've had similar problems recently.