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How to remove "Customized TeamViewer client with company logo"

About 6 months ago I started getting this message when I try to use TeamViewer with any of my computers (see picture.) I'm not sure if I installed the wrong version of TeamViewer on one of my computers. The last thing I was trying to do was install teamviewer on my girlfriends mac, but I wanted to make sure it was just the host version so that she dind't have to mess with accidentaly trying to connect to other computers or quiting the program and it would just sit in her menu bar. If I installed the incorrect version and for some reason did the customized company logo version how do I switch it? I reached out to support three times but haven't heard anything back in over 6 months. I just need to do simple things to help her out, but sometimes it takes more than 5 minutes, haha.IMG_4595.png