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I can connect but I get a mostly white screen

I have used Teamviewer to support my family for years.  Specifically I have used this computer.  All of the sudden when attempting to connect to my daughters computer I get a mostly white screen with a rectangle in the middle saying "connecting ...".

Also the control bar at the top is shifted.  it looks like it took a screen shot as it started up the connected.  The control bar to the right is active, the one to the left appears to just be an image.

My daughter can see the curosr moving.  I can initiate file transfer etc.  I just cannot see remote screen.

I have made sure I have the latest Teamviewer (uninstalled then installed) and I have done all Windows 10 updates.

Annotation 2020-10-17 191625.png

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Re: I can connect but I get a mostly white screen

Hi @remington99,

Thank you for your message and welcome to our community.

Some Windows 10 users experienced this issue and found the settings below can solve it. Could you please try if it helps you too?

Extras>Options>Advanced>More>check the box: Disable hardware acceleration2020-10-19 09_54_43-TeamViewer Tensor.png

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