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I'm new and need HELP!

Greetings TV community from snowy Denver!

I am NOT tech saavy and need some help getting up and running in the next few hours. I am hosting my first TV meeting (for a non-profit) this afternoon at 2 pm MT and would appreciate any help, suggestions, or links to tutorials to help me with the folowing:

1) If I am using the free version, and the two other participants aren't TV users (yet, I will convert them if all goes well today...), can I share my screen with them or do I need a paid version? Is there a tutorial/video on how to share your screen? I searched the knowledge base and couldn't find one? 

2) Is there a general video/tutorial to get one up and running on TV, insofar as "how to run a meeting" or a walkthrough of the controls, etc.

3) Does audio for a meeting automatically work in a free version ... through the computer? Or do I need to have a conference call on my phone going at the same time as the TV meeting?

4) Can we use JUST screen sharing and audio for a meeting or does there have to be video (like Skype?) as well? 

THANKS ALL in advance for helping me out. Again, if there are existing threads/links to answer these questions, I'm happy to review them, just couldn't find info when I searched... (maybe I'm not searching correctly...)