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Killing unattended access

Someone setup an unattended session on my computer. How do I kill it or keep them from taking access when i'm not at my desk? I believe this is a scam, purporting to be some sort of support service I never ordered or wanted. How do i kill it?

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Re: Killing unattended access

Hi DrWho1508,

Uninstall the software with "Remove all settings" checked.
Then reinstall making sure you use a different password.

If you don't ever connect in unattended yourself, you can change the settings under Advanced > Advanced Settings For Connections to this computer > Set "Access Control" to "Confirm All"Confirm All incoming.PNG

 We are also sorry to hear that you have been contacted in this way. TeamViewer strongly condemns any criminal activity and we are appalled by the behaviour of such people and their actions towards TeamViewer users.

TeamViewer is working together with many major tech companies and also the international and local authorities to mitigate this type of fraud.

TeamViewer recommends that users who have been the victim of criminal activities get in touch with their local police departments, in order to report their case. This is particularly important because TeamViewer is subject to very strict data protection and privacy regulations, and can release sensitive data only to authorized individuals and authorities.



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