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License in use on another computer. But it wont


I have an issue with Business account for Teamviewer 13. I have installed my accout on 2 desktop PC and one Laptop. I have a problem with my account sometimes.

Today both of my desktop PC closed. I was connected a server from my Laptop. I close connection and close lid of notebook for hibernation. I take with my computer to 4 minute away friends home. I suspend computer and Teamviewer wont let me work. "Your account still on use on another computer" something like that. But it wont. That frustrating error on same computer but different network (external IP).

How can I fix that.

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Re: License in use on another computer. But it wont

Hi SchumiRC,

Thank you for posting.

Unfortunately we cannot answer specific questions about your account in the community.

Please contact our support team or submit a ticket from here so that we can assist you.

Also it would be great if you can attached an error message in a support ticket to understand your situation more. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Hope this information will be helpful for you.