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Hey guys - We are trialing this in comparison to our many year relationship with LogMeIn. 

I gotta say - so far, we are RIDICULOUSLY overwhelmed. 
How the heck do we just simply install the software on a client's machine, and then logon to remotely support??? 

We have found a dozen different ways to install, options to check, passwords to play with, policies to enforce, etc etc etc etc

Here's all I need, and then AFTER this, I can choose to learn more about the many nuances, and advanced features TeamViewer offers over LogMeIn: 

1. Install the software on the client machine
2. Connect to the client machine WITHOUT the client having to accept the connection, share a password, configure  a password, configure options, etc.... 
3. Configure my connecting software to save the client's windows user/pass so we can log on without having to look up every time. 


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Re: LogMeIn

Hi @JN1480

Try using unattended access as you have to create a set password in the setup so just use the same password. OR, you could just sign in as you an save contacts which saves the password also.

Hope I helped,