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Microphone Muting / No audio during a Video Conference Call from Initiator

We recently installed a new screen, sound system, VC Camera and ceiling mount microphone into a clients boardroom for Video Conferencing and presentation purposes. Our client uses TV and purchased the latest version which was installed onto a dedicated NUC which is connected to the screen in the boardroom. 

During video conference calls where multiple people are involved (3- 5) a person will disengage from the VC call (leave when no longer required) and when that happens our clients audio (VC initiator) from the mic drops out and the other participants can no longer hear them. Video remains constant without issue, just the audio dissappears. The USB mic has to be unplugged and plugged back in before it starts to work again.

When the mic stops working its appears as muted in TV, but the user is unable to unmute the mic and has to unplug the mic and reconnect it before it becomes available and usable in TV again.

After some testing it appears that this is not an issue on a VC call between 2 parties (initiator + 1 person) only when additional people are added. The microphone has been set as the default device in Windows & TV.

Please advise if there are specific settings that could be adjusted or if this is a bug in this version of TV.


Sean Murphy

Feel Audio Visual Solutions

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