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Moved away from using TV

I've been a staunch TV user for more than 12 years and I've very much appreciated the service and technology throughout the years. But, with the latest versions there comes a forced version upgrade requirement or the service is limited to only 5 minutes, and then the user is locked out for a few minutes between uses.

Continually forcing users to upgrade to the latest version is annoying, abusive, and wholly unacceptable; therefore, I have given up on ever using TV again and I have found a much friendlier replacement which does not force users to only use the latest version.

I know my choice does not matter to TV corporate, and it will not affect the company balance sheet, but this is my protest, I have moved my 23 customers away from TV.

Forced upgrades are unacceptable, regardless of any reason, it should be a user's choice.

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Re: Moved away from using TV

Hello @5ed4wk

Thank you for your message.

If you have customers, then you are not a private user. This means you are a professional user that owns a license. This is good news! As licensed users can use previous versions and you are not forced to update. ;-)

Regarding the private users: we didn't implement this just to annoy the user.

The main reason why we force updates is because of security reasons.
We want to guarantee the safest and most performant product for our users.

Please note that you can also enable auto-update for TeamViewer



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