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New User - questions

 Hello, I am in need of a remote desktop and this one seems to be able to do what I need and is very popular, so I decided to give it a try...

I want to use a remote desktop to do the following, primarily 'in network' at home:

I have a live/recording sound system that is centered around a remote controllable Digital Mixer (Behringer XR18), which is controlled via an app on my Samsung Android Tab A...   I will be running a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is installed on a Dell Laptop runing Windows 10, 64bit OS...   I also have  an old ZTE android cell phone on which I have a memory card installed with a boat load of music on it...  This cell phone is largely dedicated as a music server (main use) wired directly to the digital mixer, and during use of the live system in a concert/performance setting as a musuican's personal control for their own stage monitor mix  (secondary use) over the common WLAN...

The whole system has it's own access point WiFi router built in, can be hooked up via ethernet, or it can operate as a client on a WLAN...  The latter is how I currently have it set up, so that I can access the internet while operating the system... Later on, I will be putting together several dual band 5G routers in a dedicated network, that will only be able to access the outside world via an ethernet cable to a router connected to the internet...

The PC 'can' control the mixer remotely as well (everything operated over WLAN), but has a USB connection to the mixer during recording for audio data transfer (MIXER>PC>MIXER).. The primary configuration will be the PC connected to the mixer via USB, the cell phone connected to the mixer via 1/8" audio cable, and the  Samsung tablet being used to remotely control all three devices via WiFi...

Okay, all the above is for reference/background..

What I would like to be able to do is:

1) Be able to control the music server that is the android cell phone from the android tablet
2) Simultaneously control the DAW on the PC laptop from the android tablet
3) Control an alternate music server on the PC laptop from the android tablet
4) Still run the digital mixer control app

Probablhy never see a situation where I'd be using the cell phone as a musician monitor mixer and a music server simultaneously.. This is when I'd probably be using the PC as a music server, and likewise, probably never be using the PC laptop as a DAW and a music server simultaneously..

All of this is to be 'in network'.. I would have no need to do this through the Teamviewer site or over the internet (not at this time anyhow)...

The android (Samsung Tab A) tablet will pretty much always be the central control unit for 'everything' while using Teamviewer..  This is the device I want to use to remote control everything from over WLAN..  There will be other times where roles are switched but I pretty much can see no reason why Teamviewer would be needed for any of that..

 I'm also hoping to install and set up passwords/encryption 'one time' and then have it ready to go whenever I start everything up (maybe just enable the app on the individual devices by launching them or something), and not have to install something every time I want to use it and enter passwords every time, etc...

I 'hope' this is all fairly relaible and easy to set up...

I'm a little bit on an island here having never used a remote desktop, I plan to do it all 'in network' and find network stuff to be a little daunting...

So what do I download and put on each device?
How do I set it up?

So far, I have downloaded the Teamviewer app to the PC, but nowhere else...

Thanks! :smileyhappy:

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2 Replies
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Re: New User - questions

Okay, I got the app downloaded and installed on the PC, the android Tablet, and an android cell phone..

I got the thing up and running to control the PC remotely from the android tablet.. Easy peasy.. 

VERY COOL! :heart:

What I'm struggling with now, is  how to control the android cell phone from the android tablet..

Is this possible? If so how?  It defaults to being the controlling device and I'm not seeing how to change that to being controlled by the tablet....

Also, as set up with the set up wizard, am I operating 'within Network' by default, or is the thing using the internet>Teamviewer site/cloud? If the latter, how do I change things so that it always stays within network? The goal is to control things with the tablet without need for an internet connection...


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Re: New User - questions