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Question on access policy and easy access

I'm using a Corporate license and there are a couple of problems.

1) I have created a new access policy, but only I can assign it. Even administrators and users with full group rights do not have this right. How can I delegate this right to other administrators?

2) When I put a tick "Easy access" in the options in the TeamViewer client, it indicates the data of my account and organization, is it possible to make that only the data of the organization is written?

Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to these questions on my own, and I will be grateful for the answers.

P S: Sorry, I use an online translator.

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Re: Question on access policy and easy access

Dear markers,

Thank you for the post.

1. Unfortunately it is not possible to delege this task to other members form the company profile. Background here is, that the device has to be assigned to one account and only this account can assign a policy. I can forward this as a feature request to our product management.

2. Also the Easy Access function only works when TeamViewer is assigned to an account - that's why you see your name and the company profile in the TeamViewer options. It indicates, that this device is assigned to your account.

If you work with other people ina company profile, we always recommend to create an admin account with "service@..." or "info@...." or IT@..." and assign all the devies to this account.

You can read more about it in our Knowledge Base.



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Re: Question on access policy and easy access

Thanks for your answers!

Your advice on creating a special account with a neutral name like IT@ and others are clear, but unfortunately, the solution to this problem will exacerbate the first problem. Therefore:

1) If possible, we would like to see a solution to the first problem in the future

2) If we still create a special account to solve the problem of easy access, how can we change the owner of the existing access policy? Otherwise, we will need to create a new access policy and link computers to it (we have about 1000 computers and they are not always enabled)

Thank you!