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QuickSupport on a device that has TeamViewer installed

Hello Community

We are a software developer and as TeamViewer is by far the most widely used remote access software, a lot of our clients have it already permanently installed in their internal network to enable internal IT-support. More often than not, the running instance has a saved password that only the IT-guys of the costumer know. 

Up until now, when a customer starts our QuickSupport module, the message they see, is that an instance of TeamViewer is already running - with the only option being to switch to that instance. What follows is a very awkward instruction by me on how to close the currently running instance (if at all possible) and re-start our QuickSupport module, followed by the shurring advice to best restart their machine, so internal IT can get access again. This is embarrasing and I cannot understand the technical need for this.

How is this addressed in the current version of TeamViewer? I want access to my QuickSupport module, no matter what - whether they are running a current or old version of TeamViewer already. 

As we are looking into how to continue with our remote support capabilities, this is by far my biggest grief with TeamViewer and it has kept me from renewing our license.