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Remote PC (Win10) freezes at login and needs restart

My remote computer freezes at startup and I need to get someone to reboot it. First it was sometimes, but lately (as in today) it happens every time I connect - any idea ?

I have restarted both computers several times
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Re: Remote PC (Win10) freezes at login and needs restart


mabye it is little bit late, but  I have simillar problem after automatic update of TW to version 14. I have three devices with Windows7 64bit Pro - one laptop, one HP business desktop PC and one selfbuild desktop PC. I had troubles on all of this devices. See my post for more details. Today I got idea to try downgrade to version 13. It is possible you can google it and download from TW website. It is now working on laptop, I will try this also on both desktops next week as I do not have physical accases to those machines this week.

My problem was that after logon, LAN icon showed blue ring (identification as I am using DHCP) for some time (longer then normal) and then without any action from my side after one or two minutes it become working. This was happening after each logon.